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We have a list of visitors who come to our site daily to check for the meds they need to purchase. Moreover, for their convenience, we make sure that the products we have are visible to them at a reasonable rate. Alongside our services, we need our viewers to go through our site’s disclaimer. It will help them understand our limitations and liabilities.

Pricing of the Products:

The prices and discounts that run our site are in reference to our multiple sources. They include published price rates, manufacturing prices, and others. More so, we try and keep our prices as low as possible to manage it with the market price range.

Information about medicines:

The information visible on the website about various drugs and their usage is gathered from multiple online and offline sources. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the rightfulness of the information. More so, you can go through the data just as an informative piece but do not apply to it.

Our claims and Liabilities: 

We do not take claim about the authenticity of the products available as they come from other reliable sources. The graphics, pictures, logos, or other data present on the site does not claim any copyright. More so, if you are any thefts due to insecure data browsing from your end, we will not be liable for any such acts. Hence, we will not pay any amount for any illegal activity that thereby occurs due to cybercrime activities. 



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